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May 21, 2014


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Between minefields and fantastic growth opportunities Dusseldorf, September 21, 2011 according to the high-tech Association BITKOM 40 million German citizens in social networks are active; And rising. And meaning and use are also in the business and professional world constantly increasing. This enormous potential for new sales and communication channels for companies. However, it is critical if, for example, employees speak negatively about the company or customers. The new Advisor DVD labour law and social networks offers executives and HR managers an in-depth overview of opportunities and risks in dealing with social networks.

At the same time, important recommendations are given. Lawyers of the prestigious law firm Gleiss Lutz clearly explain the challenges and labour implications in dealing with social media. There are no comparable communication channels about the news so quickly spread over the Internet with its numerous social networks and social media channels. At the same time, this can be blessing and a curse for companies and their economic success. Because where is communicated, mistakes are made. Errors which may have sometimes labour law consequences. The lawyers Dr. Burkard Gopfert, and Dr.

Elena Wilke inform on the new Advisor DVD labour law and social networks\”as companies best can prepare to deal with, and in social networks. The Facebook Street parties are only a harbinger. The next big labor disputes occur over social networks. Companies need to prepare. Only, who sets the rules of the game, can perform later sanctions\”, as Gabriela, partners at Gleiss Lutz. In over 90 minutes of film, share not only their knowledge of practical experts in employment law, but pronounce also concrete recommendations for action. In addition, a contained information brochure provides foundations for the development of an own social media policy. Also, buyers have online access to a closed user group.

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