Government Chavez

April 20, 2014


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The process of integration between Brazil and Argentina in the MERCOSUL was initiated at the beginning of years 90. Of pr it did not have many advances here there, therefore, internally it has much interference politics and divergence of ideas. We never arrive at a consensus on ours external politics, this in if treating to the MERCOSUL. Perhaps Brazil is from fear to deepen its relations with a country of unstable economy, Argentina, in turn, it fears the idea of being certain servant dependence of Brazil. The entrance of Venezuela in the block of the MERCOSUL again entered in debate after the beginning of the Government Chavez. The leadership leftist politics in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela had also helped to revive the idea of the integration of the Venezuelans. The country, great producer of oil, could fortify the block.

It could be to the block an interesting alternative, since Venezuela is an Andean country, Caribbean and Amazonian. Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are not remained very friendly. Economically they do not carry through important agreements currently. To a species of cimes of Argentina in relation to Brazil and vice versa. The customs union is, in my opinion, more far than we can arrive, will not have bigger advances of what this. The South American are still very dependents of the foreign capital. To arrive at a compact block as the European union will be very difficult. What it is lacking to Brazil, to Argentina and Venezuela, is that they are joined all in favor of the South America for one, and does not stop masking local interests through a economic block that does not leave nor the paper.

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