Graphical Computation

October 11, 2018


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Ol, Ronie. We thank to your attention and the ready disposal in taking care of in them. Giving beginning to this interview, we would like that you first if presented and later in you counted a little to them on as lode to work in the virtual cenografia of Net TV and the used programs for in this sector. I am the Ronie Silva and am in Net TV since 2000. My formation is not properly design graphical, but currently I incase myself in the graphical profession of design. My formation sends a little to me to this.

I made in the o course of Visual Arts in the UFMG with the emphasis in animation cinema. I obtained stock market of Scientific Initiation in Graphical Computation and there I started the career in graphical computation. Then, with this stock market, I started to know what it was graphical computation and what was computer, because until then I not wise person (laughs). Then I started with the called program ' ' Topas' ' 1 Then, was thus, it made a sphere and a Chade that already was wonderful. In this software I obtained to develop one historinha that my formation asked for, n. He is Then, thus, I wanted to construct to histories and such. with this software it allowed to develop this type of thing personages, to learn tools, structures, concepts, illumination, what it would be a virtual light, what is a Chade, n? Then of these chades there, at the time, had algorithms called Kong, that is today the Sucurrot, that also already fell in disuse, modified. From there pra front I started to know this area of the graphical computation. I was pro market, I worked in producers, n? in these producers I started there to develop more solidly this language of graphical computation, to understand a little more as the commercial structure of the thing functioned, in order terms is product, stated period because, until then, you do not have stated period, because you inside of the university, you the protege, and when you in the market you start yourself to learn of everything.

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