Healthy Teeth And Gums

January 6, 2022


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Lack of vitamins in the late winter – early spring can cause gum disease – an unpleasant odor, bleeding. On scientific they may be called periodontal disease. There are many, about 20, but there are three basic – gingivitis parodonitit and periodontal disease. By the way, the removal of teeth due to periodontal disease occurs almost five times more than the loss of teeth from caries and its complications. Gingivitis (early stage of periodontal disease).

Tags: pain and bleeding gums, bad breath. It is more common so-called catarrhal gingivitis – that is, bleeding gums when brushing teeth and biting hard food. Inflamed only superficial, well tissue available for review, so the disease is easily cured. The reasons: the presence of dental plaque – a soft (various raids) and hard (tartar). They arise from the trauma of poor quality gum bits or seals with overhanging edges. Separately isolated gingivitis during pregnancy, which is associated with hormonal changes of future mothers. Treatment. It will help regular oral hygiene, anti- drugs that inhibit the activity of microorganisms.

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