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December 3, 2015


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The heating system can be spread into two subspecies: The snow melting system and roof system for open spaces snowmelt difference between the heating system in the general meaning of a minor, since they use different power cables and braids, thermostats differ, only the control program, etc. The main objective remains the same. What is the snow melting system? Prevents the formation of snow and ice, the roof without icicles. Increases the service life of roofs, roads, driveways, etc. Quickly removes snow and ice from the surface on which is installed Makes unnecessary manual cleaning roofs, roads Allows easily open doors and gates in any This weather safety to you and your loved ones from falling icicles, etc. Thus, the motivation of the heating system installation are clear, as clear and its primary objective. The question remains the choice of the cable, which will be used in the heating system. Technical questions? Such as power cable, leave the professionals who will calculate your system snowmelt.

By the way, applying to our company, you get the settlement system snowmelt for free! A brief look at types of heating cable is recommended for installation by our specialists. Classify the heating cables will be on the principle of heat: Resistive These cables are cables heat is released residential heating, surrounded by insulation, screens and protective covers. They are fed with two or one end (two-conductor cable). The advantages of simple structure, high processability and relatively low cost. Installation of heating sections at the site takes little time and not difficult.

Plane section of a two-core cables and tapes provide good thermal contact with the heated surface. They allow you to heat the pipes up to several kilometers in the diet at one end. Disadvantages need to use sections of strictly defined length. Cables are often required to supply high-voltage equipment and compliance with related safety measures. The main areas of heated floors, roads, sidewalks, stadiums, sports grounds, roofing, pipes, tanks, process equipment, cold rooms, greenhouses, farm building. For use in snowmelt Angle 1, Angle 2 Teplodor. Intelligent Heat cables released in semi-conductive plastic, filling the space between two conductive wires. When the temperature increases the resistance of plastics and the heat drops, thereby creating the effect of self-regulation. The design is surrounded by electrical insulating and protective covers and screens. Fed at one end. Benefits The ability to use arbitrary (20 cm) long, cut off \”place.\” In some cases, no need to use control apparatus. Do not overheat or burnout, even when the self-intersection, as every part of the cable itself adapts to environmental conditions in heat transfer. Indispensable for use in de-icing systems, since increase heat to melt snow and water 1.5-2. Disadvantages of starting current at low ambient temperatures is essential (and a half to two times) exceeds the nominal operating current heating system that be taken into account when calculating the power supply and protective devices. The practical impossibility to provide an artificial heating, for example, for rapid heating of the room. The main areas of piping, roof. Promising for use in warm floors at lower prices in production. The only type of cable is suitable for floor heating in rooms with explosive conditions.

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