Heiress Wangi

June 22, 2020


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Natasha exclusivity of the gift that she immediately sees the most dangerous processes in the human body, sometimes even in its infancy, when it is not possible to identify them using hardware diagnostics. And her the ability to instantly see the reaction to the applied treatment methods can find the best path to recovery. This gift, Natasha is not innate. It opened when she was 10 years. This was preceded by one interesting sovpadenie.Nezadolgo before his death, famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga said that her gift will go to the little girl who lives in a northern country. A few months after Wangi into another world, Natasha opened in his unique sposobnosti.Tochnost her diagnosis is easily verifiable, and this has led many scientists to draw attention to the unique gift of a girl.

The most meticulous research skills to the "girl-X" came the Japanese. They double in 2005 to do all the tests that Natasha has passed with flying colors. How accurate are the diagnoses established by Natasha? The accuracy of diagnoses was repeatedly compared with the results of hardware diagnostics, for example, with tomography. As confirmed by the head of the Center for Beam Diagnostics Mordovia Republican Diagnostic Center Alexander Syresin, Natasha, with excellent results passed the test. Typically, the depth of its research ranges from the analysis of the overall picture of what is happening in the body, to monitor processes at the cellular level. Here is one of many examples, which was shown in the movie, filmed on Natasha channel Discovery: One of the residents Saransk for six months unsuccessfully treated in tb prophylactic center for tuberculosis. Lack of progress in treatment caused him to ask for Natasha. To the surprise of this patient, she said that tb it does not, and there is a disease caused by other agent.

The name of the microorganism Natasha did not know yet, but offered to draw it. With the pattern on a piece of school notebooks patient went to Moscow, where in an appropriate medical facility doctor saw depicted in the figure granuloma. The patient was treated and recovered from sarkaidoza. Separately, we can say about another interesting side of her gift. Diagnostics conducted Natasha is absolutely harmless. This is confirmed, including, in the conclusion of "central expert-Qualification Commissions All-Russian Professional medical associations specialists Traditional medicine and Healer ", under the chairmanship of Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor V. Zagryadskogo. Here is an excerpt from this conclusion: " Diagnosis of the body is accompanied by pleasant for patients subjective impressions. Complications and adverse effects are not . diagnosis confirmed by hardware methods: Ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, ct ". This is especially important for pregnant women. Today everyone knows that the so popular "ultrasound" is not harmful for unborn babies. But at the same time, many people want to know the sex of the child and how to pass it in utero development. On testing in Japan, Natasha identified abnormalities in the development of a 3-week fetus, which again is documented in the movie, filmed on a girl of Japanese broadcaster Fuji.

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