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April 1, 2020


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Empty entry level solution for the establishment of the HomeMatic, May 23, 2011 with their configuration adapters USB and LAN the eQ-3 AG (www.eQ-3.de) has expanded its product range for the HomeMatic home automation. By the adapter user can configure locally their devices via PC, notebook or NetBook, without the need for a HomeMatic central control unit. “With the optionally available software homeputer CL Studio” can be also easily operated the home control actuators and managed. The software is compatible with the operating systems MS Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Depending on the fact and requirement, the customer has the choice between USB and LAN adapter types. The basic functionality of the equipment is the same, they differ only in the type of connection via USB to the PC or LAN in the home network. The adapter serve as the central unit of configuration in the HomeMatic system. With the help of homeputer CL Studio “software of eQ-3-partner contronics can operate the system also from the PC.

The USB adapter, the device will just plugged in the USB port of the computer, then up to 500 devices to the system can be programmed. Home Automation via LAN the LAN configuration adapter is possible an integration of the HomeMatic actuators in a local area network. This adapter has an Ethernet interface and can one send too far away from the PC – or reception conditions favorable space be set up. Up to 1,000 components to the home automation network can connect with the LAN adapter itself, which also applications in building automation can be realized. Together with the HomeMatic Central CCU1, you can also use the LAN configuration adapter to extend the wireless range and also in larger environments than in the home range of robust and reliable solutions. Both adapters support also the TCP/IP based, object-oriented XMLRPC interfaces with the applications or integrating HomeMatic easily from virtually any programming language can be implemented via a PC.

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