Human Resource Strategy

October 22, 2014


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However, the result of very serious research in the organisational sphere has shown that the members of the informal structure is that treaties do not feel as if they were in fact the most important capital within organizations and that Moreover in a high percentage of enterprises knowledge possessed by neither to understand nor used. We are told, that according to the results of the investigations that on this subject recently conducted Human Resource Strategy: Corporate Rhetoric and Reality, where these researchers led by Dr. Linda Gratton deducted three important conclusions. The first is that a percentage considerable companies members of the informal structure does not feel stimulated, committed or free to express their opinions. The second conclusion is that during the time that lasted the investigation, more than six years; not they noted no progress in human resources management and the third being an investigation of longitudinal type failed to verify reliably that the behaviors and practices of persons can impair considerably with the passage of time. Also of the outcome of such investigations failed to verify that there are big differences between different organizations, on behaviour components, capacities and attitudes of the members of the formal structure concerning discipline and corrective measures of enterprise policies related to workers and that unquestionably these dissonances have concerning solidity influence in the future of the organizations. Ademas_de the previous ones were also obtained the following conclusions: 1) persist large differences between people as active and the traditional ones such as assets financial and technological; (((2) An understanding of the differences between the fundamental components claims completely differently of thinking and working, and implies a change in mental models of organizational leaders: 3) the execution and implementation of corporate strategies to be successful must be managed through people and 4) to secure a strategic vision of staff requires the implementation of a process of dialogue and permanent reflection at all organizational levels.

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