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October 25, 2023


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The main purpose of the conference, one of the central events in the area IT Education – developing an effective strategy for cooperation between universities, companies and the government in a rapidly changing financial situation, as well as exchange of experience and valuable knowledge. Among the participants – More than 500 representatives of educational institutions, IT and public companies. The topics covered at the conference in the form of sections, round tables and workshops on all aspects of the interaction between educational institutions, IT sector and government organizations – ranging from the use of educational standards in the preparation of a new generation of IT professionals and finishing outstripping training IT workers at risk of dismissal. Stanislav Kim, CEO of “Alley of Software”, gave a master class, “Managing Enterprise Content”, where he spoke about the many years of experience teaching business theory and practice of topics enterprise content management. “Software Alley” has been actively involved in educational activities, employees are taught in SPGETU LETI disciplines such as “Enterprise Information Systems”, “Project Management”, “Administration in Information Systems.” There were many questions on the theory courses, workshops, laboratories and technical equipment of the demand for specialists in this field. “Given our academic and business past and present,” – said Stanislav Kim – “Our company has said that higher education community.

Corporate information systems are extremely dynamic area of IT, located at the crossroads of several disciplines. This causes the complexity of teaching at a high level – for the successful solution of this problem must reside in the mainstream of these technologies requires close integration business and education. I would like to thank EMC Corporation for his contribution to the development of this issue and urge all interested high school professionals to actively discuss these problems at such events. “.

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