Interior Design: Cabinets

April 2, 2011


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The interior of the cabinet, its furnishings and decoration depends on what puts people in the concept – a study. If the owner is working at a computer at home, the office is being heralded a comfortable office furniture: a special computer table selected a comfortable ergonomic chairs and cabinets for books and papers. The interior of the cabinet can be standard or exclusive. The standard includes a desk, desk chair, sofa, bookcases. Various style and design, a variety of materials can create original versions. Dvuhtumbovye tables of natural wood (sometimes with the leather tops) for centuries remain most stable bias pet owners classrooms. Retaining the style of past eras, today's manufacturers of classical furniture for classrooms use the latest technology and advanced materials processing mechanisms, combining them with elements of hand raboty.V the same time, glass tops, stone change traditional ideas about the way the desk, and make it a main component of the home office. Furnished with home office, solid wealthy people often prefer the furniture created for individual orders, made of precious wood, speak louder than words emphasizing the respectability of the owner.

Original use of different methods of decoration (from a mosaic of different varieties of fine wood veneer) emphasizes exclusivity classrooms. Traditionally, the use of leather in the interior classrooms. Chairs and sofas made of leather – an indispensable piece of furniture in the interior of an exclusive study. For several centuries, popular style 'Chesterfield', recognizable in a specially padded soft leather furniture, an ideal for the study. Quite diverse as construction and design of bookcases for the office. They may be free-standing and built, with doors swinging or sliding (type 'coupe'), glass or deaf. Furniture Cabinet is also complemented by the recent stand for video and audio. It is in the subject to best combine the tradition of classic design and modern technical findings.

For example, a door for which is hidden until the time of the tv, and if need be opened and moved in a stand without cluttering the space, and without violating the integrity of the interior. In addition, in an exclusive performance of the cabinet may be the most unexpected place for the interior of the premises objects: showcases for collections and wardrobes, bars and pool tables. In the regeneration of the cabinet at home is often just the necessary accessories functional character: stairway to the office to the library shelves for cd / DVD-discs and video tapes in a room with computers and televisions. Our company offers the manufacture of furniture and interiors for offices in the classical English style in the style of high-tech – or any other style you liked. We offer our customers interior design cabinet – wall and ceiling panels from an array of precious woods (oak, beech, ash), selection accessories and interior decoration kabineta.My help you create unique interior cabinet that combines maximum convenience – and the perfection of artistic form. Call us! – We welcome your suggestions.

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