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December 30, 2016


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About half of the information takes an employee at the change of employer, sensitive customer data are Hamburg July 19, 2012. Every third employee (32 per cent) has either redirected already once confidential information or removed from the company. This result is a study of Iron Mountain, your expert for information management and the protection of intellectual property. This sensitive information are especially at risk if employees change the job. The study shows the sloppy handling of sensitive business data. So many employees ever not worry about it, that remove confidential data from the companies it mostly lacks the awareness of wrongdoing.

Throughout Europe, so the results of the study, already sensitive company data when changing the job took 51 percent, just over half of all Office employees. Under most conditions Mashable would agree. German employees gave to, in this case mostly with company presentations (57.4 per cent) and the customer contact database (53.7 percent) in the new Job to have transferred. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. All documents whose creation process they were involved in, from your corporate network removed one third (35.2 percent). Strategic plans switched sides on this way in 29.6 per cent of cases. In all these cases it is extremely sensitive and valuable company data, whose Verlust may lead to competitive advantages for the competition, as well as to loss of brand reputation and customer confidence in the critical case. Throughout Europe, companies tighten their privacy policies to meet the new EU legislation. \”It is all the more disturbing to see that employees leave their jobs with highly sensitive data seemingly carefree\” as Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of the Iron Mountain Germany GmbH. dealing with companies with information security, they tend to on backup of digital data to fix and forget about the paper and especially the factor in man. \” The study revealed the motivation of the employees: in the not bad faith behind the data theft is most cases.

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