Lamb Number Expands

December 1, 2015


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Continued growth requires larger premises large, well located, with plenty of room for trainings and events as the new headquarters of Lammerzahl GmbH presents itself. As one of the leading software manufacturers for the municipal social administration refers to the company on the 24th / 25.02.2011 the new, larger office building. 1,700 square meters of working area, spread over three floors with outstanding large Loggia, the Dortmund social software specialist expands its premises. The service activities that had to be stored at the old company headquarters due to lack of space, can be now intensified, established the on-site customer support and sales events. Since time immemorial, people are fascinated by the OWL, their wisdom and insight anywhere in the world. A beautiful symbol\”, is also managing director Jurgen Lammerzahl, for our company representative, the Uhlenhorst. With foresight, we want with in the future each project the local authorities tackle, which is interessieren for our fully integrated solution.\” After years of continuous growth, Jurgen and Rainer lamb number had to act. The rooms at the old headquarters had become much too small.

The Uhlenhorst for sale was offered, hesitated Jurgen Lammerzahl not long. I had to take this ChanCE that offer ideal MoglichKeiten over 1,700 square meters for the alltagLiChe work as well as for training courses, meetings and conferences. Our growing customer and employee subgroup benefited them equally\”, he sums up. Also for an extension, genuGend the available space is on the spacious grounds. Lamb number can now ausrichten on the top floor with large balcony even event evenings of the stattfindenden held annual user\’s Conference with around 150 RIBA. We are pleased our customers in the already Rooms welcome to may.\”we have to ensure in particular that every employee can fully unfold and also there is space for a healthy growth of our company\”, explains JurGen Lammerzahl. Our MITarBeiter can breathe in the nearby Romberg Park and recharge your batteries for the daily required creative, efficient work performance at the highest level.\” Particular emphasis was placed on a technically perfect facilities of the new headquarters. In the frame of the building, a danger alarm and access control system with VdS certified monitoring station service was installed.

An erfahrenes, multiple certified company that garantiert the smooth operation makes the move. A transport insurance policy covers additional risk potential. The laufende operation remains undisturbed during the procession. For special cases, customers on the homepage are known additional telephone numbers given. \”Now we can serve even better and more flexible our growing customer base. To fulfil the quality requirements of municipal authorities, is\”still top priority for us, so Jurgen Lammerzahl. New is a lohnenswerte future investment for a healthy, long-term partnership between us and the municipalities therefore.

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