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October 29, 2021


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The index of the So Paulo stock exchange, that was in 100 points in beginning of years 1960 almost arrived the 90,000 points in 2008. Contact information is here: CT100. great part of this success must to the foreign capitals. The investments right-handers had only answered for 18% of the Brazilian GIP in 2009. The foreign physical investors had only represented 13.6% of the Brazilian market of action. As he suggests Krugman & Obstfeld (2010, p.465), ' ' the stock exchange in the whole world is facilitating the communication between markets, and the companies each time more reveal made use to vender its action are of pas' '. This was not enough, each time more if they inside expand variations of the proper financial market, as futures market, futures markets, market of options and strategies purely speculative impensveis, as the action rent. That is, for the speculator and/or investor, for the anonymous societies and financial institutions, international the financial market presents excellent chances.

For the optics of the governments, the financial market if became, from the decade of 1960 (stops mainly, the States in development), an important source of capital for financing of investments. Given low to the national saving of Latin American countries, for example, the financial market it was an important source so that the governments invested. That is, the abundant saving in countries central offices and with low chances of investment was deviated, saw stock market, for economies with high chances of investment, but low level of saving. Not obstante, this market is a chance for the financing of dficits public, process initiated for the United States. However, the effect of the bad use or extreme use of the financial market can be so catastrophic how much the potencializao of profits that it provides. For the companies, demasiadamente volatile investments can sacrifice them in the next social exercise or until taking them it the bankruptcy or acquisition for other groups.

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