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May 26, 2016


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The new Cree LED technology info and report the Cree TrueWhite technology is using the new technology of TrueWhite made white light with LEDs in a completely new way. Samsung may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Now the Cree True White is pretty straight forward technology but at the same time incredibly economical. While the light is quite trivial mixed yellow and Red LEDs this produces a brightness, which objects and surroundings in a pleasant, friendly, genuine, warm and natural light seem. Cree leading innovator in the field of LEDs is the company Cree from United States of America is the market leader in the segment of LED technology. One reason is the steady focus on innovation as well as creation of new products. The Cree LED Division aims: to create first-class, efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs. Overwhelming efficiency of Cree LED flashlight – only 10-15% of energy consumption In the collation to ordinary LED flashlights, bring Cree LED flashlights comparable amount of brightness with just 10-15% of the energy used realize. Thats a big advantage in connection with torches which must be handy, small and light.

This development, optimized the really highly efficient LED flashlights to another piece. Fascinating pleasant light through the Cree LED flashlight LED Torch flashlight light usually cold and hard feels. Objects glow in rather cold light and never unfold their true colors. That\’s history, thanks to the new LED technology flashlights with the Cree. The new Cree technology makes the environment in deep colors. Never replace the bulb LED flashlight bulbs from Cree led up to 50,000 hours.

The Cree LED accepted flashlight is every day 6 hours in usage, so above can be used for almost 23 years. This is equivalent to 50 times a normal LED bulb. Conclusion to the Cree LED flashlights LED flashlights using the Cree TrueWhite technology are available for a new generation of LED flashlights. The technology combines with the experiences plus developments leading LED lights producers allow a whole new flashlights – product.

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