Lisa Plenske Is Back!

June 12, 2023


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Lisa Plenske is back! On Thursday starts in love “in Berlin” the most successful telenovela in Germany in love “in Berlin” on the screens will return. Starting tomorrow, Family.TV 1 Internet TV station emits all 364 days, including the feature film in Germany. Mondays to Friday prime-time at 20:15 clock, viewers can watch again the cult series with actress Alexandra Neldel as plain-looking young woman with braces and Fatsuit to her dream Prince David Seidel alias fights Mathis Kunzler and must go through UPS and downs. At the start of broadcasts the satellite. 1 telenovela shows Family.TV equal to two episodes. And that’s the point it dreams of a job in the fashion industry in “In love in Berlin” Lisa Plenske – unfortunately, the job interview at “Alvaro Moda”, an international fashion company fails. Instead of the place in the Hall of the Chief, a job in catering is offered you – Lisa accesses yet. She faces David Seidel, her young boss, for the first time – at a fashion show on the same night and fell Immortal in him…

Sequence for episode unfolds their internal conversion to a different, stronger in every way people in the tradition of a great telenovela! Follow Lisa Plenske 1:20:15 20:45 white, that in life something else waiting for you as a Goberitz and a job in the local building materials trade even if they are not necessarily that you. Their last few dozen interviews were not as successful, but Lisa doesn’t give up hope. Unfortunately also her last interview with Alvaro Moda fails”the international fashion group. Instead of an Assistant of the CEOs is offered a job in catering. Lisa still sees this as an opportunity and falls in love with a fashion show on the same evening at the first glance at the young Chef David Seidel.

And because Lisa can hardly the look of him, she sees only how he falls pool in swimming and passed out slowly sinks to ground. Episode 2: 20:45 21:15 clock Lisa has David saved the life – but nobody has it noticed. As under the new colleagues known Alvaro Moda”, who was the Savior, they are pushing Lisa to come out. But Lisa will witness as David imagines his Savior as an attractive Angel, and she leaves the courage. David, however, want big cannibalize the rescue in the press. But then he realizes that all the extremely unattractive Lisa Plenske has pulled him from the water. ADVERTISE ON WITHIN “IN LOVE IN BERLIN”! CHEAP BUT REICHWEITENSTARK! “In love in Brlin” is successful or promising not only for us, but also for you as a client advertiser or media agency. Advertise 1 Internet TV station in Germany with their TV spot as you do in the classic television. Very easy and straightforward, but mostly inexpensive. Your TV-Spot(s) whopping 40 times per month in the most successful telenovela in Germany and that Prime-time and to reach the best for little budget a huge range! We have the format for their target audience. Gladly we inform you and create you a cheap quote for a request Spot-circuit at Family.TV. If we have aroused your interest or you need more information, simply contact us by email at we look forward to your email.

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