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June 15, 2014


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Alphatrad is the appropriate translator for each specialized German companies before the challenge, having to translate ever more specialized texts make the rapid changes on the international market. Nanotechnology policy the language of global markets evolved and is more alive than ever before to communicate the need to understand. Alphatrad has taken up this challenge and has a new, virtually revolutionizing the market, developed software that forwards the texts of the customer directly to a mother-tongue translator, a translator who is not only native speakers, but also specific expertise. Using this software, for example, the instruction manual of a medical device without loss of time to a translator for medical devices can be redirected while legal requests directly to muttersrpachliche translator can be redirected, which deep experience with legal texts. AlphSearch, the software of the originally French Swiss company ALPHATRAD, the proprietary database searches with over 3,000 translators, to find exactly the profile of the translator, which adapts to the individual needs of the customer.

These translators translate documents from and into more than 70 languages and that worldwide. For us, it is important to help their communication to accelerate international business partners \”, says the Managing Director of Alphatrad, Frederic Ibanez.\” The Internet has let us expect a delay-free communication… but technical, legal, and medical texts have often slowed the work. Accurate translations of documents of basic sectors of the economy in one of our over 70 languages are easier and faster to achieve now many times.\” ALPHATRAD uses the software also in Germany and provides access to more than 3000 native translators for quick and precise translations German companies now. Are all translations by native speakers made, mostly still living in the country of their native language and translate exclusively into this language. ALPHATRAD goes even one step further with AlphSearch, proprietary software, and finds not only native speaking translators, but are always exactly those, which experts in the respective field. This service is available in all 22 German Alphatrad branches.

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