Mass Storage Device

July 16, 2020


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In the case of a dialog box "The problem with removing' Mass Storage Device USB ': The universal device that can not be stopped right now. Try to stop his later ', check whether the files are open with sticks. Close them and try popytku.Esli flash drive poorly recognized by the operating system when plugged in USB, located on the front of the PC, you need to connect it to USB Root Hub in the back of the PK.Beregite flash from shock, moisture and exposure to strong electromagnetic poley.Ne remove flash drayviz PC at the time of treatment to it, it can lead to data loss and damage device. If at the time of shutdown of the PC flash write operations, the flash file system will necessarily wrong. (Not to be confused with Samsung!). In this case, it is desirable to perform a full format flash.

But! before this procedure be sure to copy all the data available on the flash drive, hard disk! Next: "My Computer", right click on the icon flash 'Removable Disk' to open the context menu from which you select 'Format …' in the dialog 'Format Removable Disk' button 'Start' (select 'Quick (cleaning tables)' is not recommended.) In the system message 'Format Removable Disk' authorize the launch of the formatting by clicking the 'OK'. If you are connecting to a PC for more than one flash, the second can not be displayed when accessed through the 'My Computer'. If the system detected the drive and it can be disabled through the icon 'Safely Remove Hardware', you can try to open the flash drive via an alternative file manager, for example, Total Commander.

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