February 15, 2015


Comments Off on Methodology

Methodology: We go to start the activities singing a music on the way environment, after that we will make some questions having led the pupil to discover of what music is treated, asking for that each child speaks what she understood on music. 23/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Stroll. The professor will have to make a stroll for the city, directing the comment of the pupils for everything they surround what them (trees, plants, flowers, lawns, birds, insects, ground, mountains, rocks, river). He will use to advantage the chance to take the pupils to distinguish beings with life and without life, being made comparison between them. In the end, the group will be able to collect calendars, gravetos, pedrinhas and sand to inside elaborate artistic works of glue of the classroom. 24/05? Hour of rodinha Surrounding to my redor (attached 1). To talk with the children on the stroll of the previous day, asking for that they comment what they had observed during the same; Related mimeografada activity to the subject. 25/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Work (attached 2).

Using the material collected in the stroll of the previous day, to carry through activity proposal; Activity related to the considered subject. 26/05? Hour of rodinha Poem: if I was a butterfly (attached 3). Presentation of the poem; Verbal interpretation of the poem; Drawing and painting of the main personage of the poem. 27/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Facts (attached 4). Confection of poster in tree form where apples with actions related to the environment are incased; Each child will apanhar the drawing of an apple and will answer the question that is behind it.

30/05? Hour of rodinha Animal in extinguishing? To explain what it is an animal in extinguishing; To search on animals in extinguishing; To cut of periodicals and magazines news articles and engravings on animals in extinguishing for accomplishment of the activity proposal; Confection of mural with images of animals in extinguishing. 31/05? Hour of rodinha Medias? Presentation of the medias through poster; It beats papo through the cellular one with linkings for colleagues, friends and family in the classroom; He visits to the CEAG, FTC, or Tele computer science center so that the pupils have contact with the computer and know the Internet. 01/06? Hour of rodinha Speaking of garbage (attached 5-Daily pay I and II) (attached 6-preparatory). Colloquy: garbage alone in the garbage; Related mimeografada activity to the subject. 02/06? Hour of rodinha Interview (attached 7). To make an interview to the proper pupil, in the chance to stand out the importance of the recycling of some materials that we play outside, in the economy and preservation of the environment. 03/06? Hour of rodinha Thanking the God for the nature (attached 8). Informative text on the protection and step of God for the human beings through the nature; Verbal interpretation of the text; Related mimeografada activity to the subject.

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