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July 16, 2020


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Transfer the license for the os only with the pc, which was in the first set. And you want to renew agreement with Microsoft. Classification of products Microsoft. All products manufactured by Microsoft, are divided into five classes, each of them has its own licensing model. So, on what classes they are divided into: 1. Frequently altavista has said that publicly. Operating system. Click isearch to learn more. 2.

Application. 3. Server products. 4. Development tools. 5. Hardware. Let us analyze in more detail the most basic of them, and tell about their licensing model.

For operating systems and tools development has one and the same model for server products, five for the online service is only one model. Operating systems. The basic licensing model operating systems clearly regulates gold rule: one license can only install one copy on one computer, more on this license, you can not install it anywhere. Can be used simultaneously, only one user, except for remote Assistant, change the properties of the operating system is strictly prohibited, for example – install Windows xp on a Terminal Server. Complement its own os development tools changing its properties as prohibited. Desktop applications. Now, what about the licensing model for desktop applications, start with the most popular application called Microsoft Office. In Volume licensing options for each computer which you installed Office, to secure the main user. He secured the order for the company and this entitles you to install another copy on a laptop or a virtual machine. Using Microsoft Office in Terminal mode. In terminal also has a clear rule: Office and other programs are licensed only to the device.

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