Modern Refrigerators

January 11, 2015


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Worth, perhaps, mention special features. These include: 1) Ability door – this will allow you to choose on which side it will open the refrigerator. Convenient for a small kitchen. 2) The dispenser, or chilled water dispenser and ice – a device that allows you to receive chilled water and ice without opening the refrigerator door, and also provides additional comfort for fans of chilled drinks, especially in hot climates. No need to fear that the ice turns into crude tap water: a refrigerator has a filter filled with activated charcoal, which absorbs all dissolved in water, harmful substances and odors. 3) Mini bar – this office, which is represented as small cabinet and has a separate door.

Thus, you save electricity and you prefer to use the fridge. This office can be found in the model refrigerator Bosch kan 60A40. 4) Anti-bacterial coating – coating, which consists of silver ions. It provides protection from harmful bacteria, fungi, bacteria and fungi, prevents odors and provides a long-term storage products. This parameter pays great attention to the company Bosch.

Anti-bacterial coating, you may find in models of refrigerators Bosch kdf 3296, Bosch ksv 3956, Bosch kgs 3722IE, Bosch kgs 3766IE. 5) 6 Sense is available in refrigerators Whirlpool. This technology requires a special sensor inside the compartments. These sensors send data to a computer, which provides the refrigeration unit at the maximum cooling capacity. This is necessary, for example, immediately after placing the purchased products cooling chamber, or when there is no long-voltages, or just when the door is open for a long time.

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