It's no secret that over time, is aging building materials, structures, new materials and engineering solutions. Sometimes the question is – a box of a building still in good condition, and floors or walls came into disrepair. What should I do? You can use a mechanized method of demolition, but then have to break down the whole building and in its place build a new one. There is no dispute, it is ideal if you need to build something completely different from the previous structure. But not everywhere and always you will be able to deliver high-while heavy machinery. Then comes to the rescue method of manual dismantling of buildings and structures. Mashable brings even more insight to the discussion. Pros of this method undeniable. You retain, if necessary, the integrity of the exterior walls and ceilings.

Disassembly is virtually free of dust and excessive noise. Dismantled just one part of the structure to be replaced or removed. Phased demolition can go from a large amount of construction waste on site. Of course, there are also disadvantages. It is the economic feasibility of manual disassembly.

Lost time, and it is known to be worth the money. It is said to "break – do not build," but this is not a true statement! Properly disassemble a building or structure can only experts who know a lot about new construction and structural engineering distinguish from walls. This fitters, and welders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, climbers. Each of them knows how to do new and as correctly parse the old. The firm "Tehkom" has a long history as a mechanized demolition, dismantling and manual. Our specialists have great experience in the manual analysis of the buildings of the historical center of Moscow and industrial facilities. The use of means of mechanization of the leading manufacturers can accelerate the process of dismantling and do not depend on external communications. Full range of services provided by LLC "Tehkom" by scrapping and dismantling old buildings and build new ones, as well as comprehensive repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures of various destination, allows us to offer customer the best solution to the problem.

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