Nationalistic Revolution

January 14, 2014


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The fact emitted in the reporter nocturne at the time of dinner with the boys around the familiar table. The savagery and cruelty of judges are horrifying. Morals, nevertheless, announced that it will look for to introduce communitarian justice in the new 99 Political Constitution and appointed to Technicians in Communitarian Justice, whose title surely will give unlimited power to humiliate, to ultrajar, to torture and to kill anyone them. With their head in the power, the original ones are created authorized to do what it comes to them in desire. In the last shocks with the government happened in the city of Cochabamba, the followers of Evo Morales assassinated to machete blows to a young k altar of 17 years, next, glad and triumphant they exhibited his body destroyed in the street. Years subsequent to 1952, when Victor Peace Estenssoro acceded to the power and took Nationalistic Revolution ahead, leaving in way to thousand of died and sinking to Bolivia in misery, – exactly taking the same Latin American measures that today the sandstone denominates Socialism of the 21st century -, the farmers armed with guns, entered drunk the cities, in trucks contracted by the government, and shot against that desired to them, without control, mercy and without reason.

The majority aymara, – more than two million people, pacea lives to little minutes of the luxurious houses of the upper middle class. A single shout of breath to the riot and the sacking, can cause that hundreds of thousands of natives lower from mountains to the residential districts to devastate yet and with all, without can stop them to nobody. The law with Evo will be slvese that can, because the one is the own president that foments the resentment and the violence against which they are not of his same origin or ideology. Its wild behavior demonstrates clearly that some does not exist possibility that his government can be successful.

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