Natural Stone

June 11, 2023


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From the arch of life since ancient times, people gravitated to the rock. No wooden and earthen buildings were not as reliable in tough times at the dawn of mankind, as the stone cave. The entrances to them were never properly forms, but some circularity in time they acquired, particularly in its upper part. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David S. Levine has to say. Perfected gradually improved and his people home, moving to the architecture in different directions, but if it was not a military fortifications, the trend was always the same: to smooth out lines and angles, at least in part, at least at the entrance. According to Kyle Roche, who has experience with these questions. Nonrectilinear floor wall openings – arch – for centuries occupied an important place in architecture.

Aqueducts, bridges, an amphitheater and other buildings of the ancient Romans were filled with arches, and in medieval Europe only the poor were content with straight wooden architrave, and those who could afford, certainly lecturing stone semi-circles on top of windows and doors. Large variety of arch: gothic arches are inherent, Romanesque buildings – semicircular, for the Orthodox churches are more typical keeled, and so on. There are also so-called blind arches – that is, without a pass, laid down by anything. Almost any style of architecture focuses on a particular type of arch, regardless of whether the arch is decorated with intricate or performed in the style of an ascetic minimalizma.Izgib as a synonym of comfort in residential premises, and in the design of exterior arch – far nechuzhdy element, although these days it is used almost exclusively for decorative purposes. K example, by means of the arch can be visually divided into a long corridor to the sector without recourse to such a categorical things like a door. The arched doorway to help remove formal and sharpness in the transition from one room to another, if to add comfort and hospitality in the house as arch and divides the space, and simultaneously connects the parts into a whole. .

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