Nervous System

February 15, 2016


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The likeable nervous system is important in this in case that therefore it is who makes with that the person reacts before the most varied situations as alert emotional, reaction of fight or escape, fear, anger, anxiety, joy among others, already the parassimptico nervous system will total go against these effect therefore it will cause tranquillity, reactions of relaxation, calm, meditation among others. The ideal is that if it has perfect homostasis enters the two systems so that stress does not come to cause damages to the organism. ' ' Stress, is produced each time that the individual comes across itself with the eminence to face a new environment, since it consists of lower court, of a phenomenon of adaptation to mudana' ' (ALBERT; URURAHY, 1997, P. 36-37), and in turn this change in such a way can be good or me, the logical one that the bad situations will tend to be estressantes, however the situations that are considered as calm also will be estressantes, since that they are very repetitive. proach. It estresse it in itself, is not bad, therefore the time all we have that adjusting in them the most varied situations it will only become bad since that let us not obtain adapting in them to these changes. It estresse chronic will cause it some damages to the individual, as metabolic riots of: proteins, carboidratos, lipdeos, sanguine cells, fabric lymphatic, central nervous system, sseo esqueltico muscular system, fabric, cardiovascular system, ovrios and gastrointestinal eyes, testicules/(to the last one that we will give emphasis). In result to the excess of cortisol that he is set free in the organism, amongst these diverse damages, is distinguished the gastrointestinal system, that will have its secretion of acid increased clordrico and pepsinognio and in virtue of this will occur to the reduction of muco protective intestinal, already the adrenalin excess will have as effect the illnesses of the digestive treatment, as: inflammatory ulcers, gastrites, illnesses, chronic colites and diarrias. .

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