Nesting Social

April 20, 2020


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In 1988 if of a occupation of the Farm Luzia Saint for a group of people who had denounced not the fulfilment of the social function of this property, as it prays the effective Brazilian constitution: it competes to the Union dispossessing for social interest, for ends of the Agrarian Reformation, the agricultural property that is not fulfilling its function social. (…) The social function is fulfilled when the country property takes care of, simultaneously, according to criteria and established degrees of requirement in law, to the following requirements: rational and adjusted exploitation; adequate use of the available natural resources and preservation of the environment; observance of the disposals that regulate the work relations; exploration that favors well-being of the proprietors and the workers. (LEITE& AVILA, 2007, p16) Verified this not fulfilment of social function of this agricultural property, the Farm Luzia Saint, in 1991 is made the dispossession. The historical process of the Nesting Good Village Hope is marked by the dynamics of occupation and dispossession of the private land. The Nesting, whose history perfaz about 23 years, considering since the period of occupation, is fruit of processes of collective organization with participation of the church Catholic conferred after order of support of members of this collective one. The history of the Good Village Hope is born, necessarily, here in the garage where I received vocs, then one day I was here, (…) somebody I beat there there in the cadeado one, I I was to take care of, I was 3 people who had come to talk with me: Edinho, Carminho (it is essential in this history) and Ioi; in the truth, to communicate me, then, they had not come nor to consult me, nor to ask for that Church wanted to take account of this fight. They already had come previously with a ready decision and of a done meeting, saying that They had knowledge of a vacant theory; they knew that it was particular property, but that they, in summary, (…) were determined to occupy.

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