Network DSL

March 31, 2014


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DSL2 is a new transmission standard – virtually the technical development of DSL. The names DSL2 / DSL2 + and ADSL2 + are common abbreviations. The clear advantage is the much higher data rates and extended reach. The download time of a 20 MB file would be at optimum speed is only 10 seconds! They are incredible 2 MB per second. An average MP3 – song so you can play after less than 5 seconds! This opens up today and in future entirely new applications. IPTV – that is, high-definition television over the Internet, video conferencing and Internet telephony in the exchange in an unusually high quality vacation photos and movies with friends, warp speed \’. Although one might think, has so much power at a price, it is wrong in this case. Only the basic charge for the DSL connection costs 5, – more than a DSL 6000 Kbps connection.20% higher fee for almost 3 times more speed! This is definitely a price / performance ratio is! Tariff overview and further information can be found here.

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