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April 24, 2014


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A great gift idea with a personal gift card miracle tree subscription is almost ideal as a gift. For the parents, the children, birthday or for Christmas, mother\’s day or as a Valentine\’s day attention. As a gift to the passing driving test or as a small thank you for the neighbor who has poured the flowers during the holidays. Mikkel Svane may also support this cause. With the 38 scents and designs you can write creative and their own stories. The or the donee receives every six weeks a fragrant, original wonder-tree air freshener home delivered and can remember the gift so while almost one and a half years and enjoy. With its attractive offers like classic line, sentiment, rock range and designer Edition, depicting various floral and pop-trend is the miracle-tree an attractive accessory and gadget. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro. A personalized gift card can be selected to do this online. Various gift cards can printed out and then either personally or sent by post.

Each gift card has been designed specifically for and is available for free download at the disposal. Invention of the miracle tree in the 1950s a Canada of immigrant from Swiss chemist named Julius Sadat had operated Canada\’s longstanding research deep in the forests in the 1950s and subsequently developed methods to extract the essential oil of the pine needles. According to legend sower was once with a pig farmer in the car on the road. It complained of the stench of the spread his animals. This experience opened his eyes to the next logical invention: a technology for the production of environmentally responsible air freshener of the small scale and very long efficacy. Inspired by years of living in the midst of the Nordic forests, Julius Samann was his product the abstract shape of a fir tree. The first miracle-tree air freshener was invented. He is still produced in the Schaff-hausischen Tayngen.

He is with his particular form also under other brand names such as CAR-FRESHNER, ARBRE MAGIQUE or MAGIC TREE in all continents at home and is distributed in over 100 countries. The design of the product and the brand name is worldwide protected trademarks. The brand has It reaches cult status. The tree occurs in many theater productions, commercials and series. And is as fresh as ever and ever.

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