Organizational Culture

June 14, 2023


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Other items to keep in mind is the commitment to the values from the upper levels, maintaining close contact, visiting and talking with “battlefield”, identification and action with their strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities, achievement of complex organizations with necessary members, where everyone knows the value that provides services and participate in its administration and Last but not least the rigidity and flexibility, both must be accepted according to the dynamics of change and circumstance. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE. Organizational Culture has primary characteristics, which concentrate the essence of the same as (12) is the identity of their members, who identify with the organization as a whole, not your specific job or field of knowledge, the emphasis on group, ensuring that work activities are organized around people group is not the approach to people, taking into account that the management decisions affect the results of its members and the integration of units allowing them to function coordinated and independent. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more.

Other features of the organizational culture is the control, from the use of regulations, processes and direct supervision to assess the conduct of members, tolerance to irrigation leading to the members to be aggressive, innovative, or risky, the reward related criteria such as seniority, job performance, etc, the profile to the purpose or environment where the administration is so concerned about the outcomes or goals and the techniques or processes. Finally the approach towards achieving an open system that the organization monitor and respond to external changes. FUNCTIONS OF THE ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE organizational culture exerts several functions in the organization, Robbins, emphasizes them (13) whereas it is capable of defining boundaries, ie the difference between one organization and another, reflects the identity of its members with organization because it determines the organizational features that are included in the concept of culture, that will be the established, known and shared by the society.. Pete Cashmore might disagree with that approach.

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