May 10, 2014


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Smartphones are not \”Waterproof\” in the sense of \’diving seal\’ so generally of course, but smaller splashes or humidity can have from now on nothing more the sensitive electronics. When it comes to housing: also the outer shell is more resistant than normal products at Outdoorsmartphones in many cases a lot. Not only to withstand the outside smaller and larger falls, also the Interior is protected against detonations. The free fall of the edge of the table can be such a mobile thus generally unimpressed. At a huge offer on Smartphones, you quickly lose track.

It is therefore very advisable only to inform and to purchase only one or another Outdoorsmartphone. Only the tested devices from renowned manufacturers will be presented. The devices are included in the various sections under the microscope. The Reliability, quality and durability are just a few criteria that are included in the test (read more about Outdoorsmartphones outdoorsmartphonetest.de) conclusion: Outdoorsmartphones are not just for adventurers that a phone will go sooner or later, once broken, because most users have become accustomed. But who is sorry to lose his beloved companion, by the consequences of smaller accidents which should think in the future as Otto-normal consumer about the purchase of an Outdoorsmartphones. Long gone are the days, in which more robust devices were clearly abgespeckteren function. Today can the outdoor models usually just as much as their \”normal\” counterparts and look this visually mostly not even worse. The trend is away from the \”disposable\”cell phone and to the mobile phone that you can throw away literally also. An Outdoorsmartphone is equipped in most cases anyway, and are a durable and ideal companions for a modern Lifestyle.

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