Pedagogical Formation

September 1, 2012


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With the technological revolution the pupils if launch to the front with a before unimaginable infinity of resources of sources of information. The pedagogical area if sees in the necessity to evolve using of intelligent form these new resources in order to reformulate the ways of the learning and to rethink its planning. Although the technology is modifying some concepts it, by itself, it will not change the man in its form to think and to act seno for the proper will of the human being to obtain this transistion. INTRODUCTION the present article has as objective to display the importance and reflections of the new techniques and technologies in the education and to tell the experiences acquired during the application of the process of implantation of new based systematics of education in the knowledge acquired throughout the course of graduation of Pedagogical Formation? UNISUL. BODY OF the ARTICLE In recent years, the technology also comes evolving and with it the society and its necessities. The information today is main product of value in the world, a powerful country, today, is not industrialized or that more it possesss accumulations of wealth, it is a country that knowledge withholds, ' ' know-how' ' , scientific development. Ahead of this new picture, the paradigm technology x education in them brings an inevitable reflection, as ' ' criador' ' ' ' criatura' ' , since the news to know come from the education had been that in it allowed new technologies them.

It is inevitable that the same ones make possible a new step for new pedagogical molds, realimentando a new emergent cycle that supplies to each time a more distant horizon. In this way, if it cannot more argue if we must apply new technologies in the educational development, but which technology to apply and as to apply it. Currently, professors of some areas react in more radical way, recognizing that, if the education and the school not to open space for these new languages, them will be able to have its definitively engaged spaces (Kawamura, 1998).

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