Philip Kotler

April 4, 2014


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36 Tires the enemies by keeping them occupied and not letting them breathe.But before you do this, you have to perform your own work previously.This work consists of developing a strong army, a prosperous town, a harmonious society and an orderly way of life. 37. The good generals … undertake up to death, but not cling to hope of surviving; they act in accordance with developments, in a rational and realistic manner, without being carried away by emotions or be subject to be confused. When they see a good opportunity, are like tigers, in case contrary close their doors. 38. If the enemy sees an advantage but does not take advantage of it, it is that he is tired.

39 Mira by your soldiers as sighted by a newborn; so will be willing to follow you up the valleys deeper; take care of your soldiers as cuidas of your beloved children, and die gladly with you.But if you are so kind to them can not use them, if you are so lenient that you can not give them orders, so informal that you can not discipline them, your soldiers are like spoiled children and, therefore, useless. The rewards should not be used alone, or must rely solely on punishment. Otherwise, the troops, like mimosos children, become accustomed to enjoy or to stay resentidas for everything. This is harmful and makes them useless. 40. In an invasion, as a general rule, the more invaders deep into alien territory, stronger are made, to the extent that the native Government cannot be already ejected them. If you get to a market you can finish arrebatandoselo completely to your opponent. As Sony and Panasonic made with Kodak cameras.

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