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February 15, 2015


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This electronic condition that is in its origin many times is overcast when one is opposed was of the radio that another one would belong to the past to one was of the image that would define the gift and would point with respect to the future. As it seems evident, the radio did not finish with the end of what would be electronic technology: as much the radio as the TV belongs to the age of the information, and the radio was the manifestation precocious of the electronic age in the mass communication. 5 5. Conclusion Concluding, therefore, those that thought that with the sprouting of the Television in century XX, in the decade of 30, and the sprouting of the Internet, also in the end of century XX, would go to bury the radio, if had been deceptive. It is the Radio surely still in full century XXI, the most important vehicle of mass communication of that if it today has notice until together with the latest Internet. Until the television if it relieves in hearing terms.

Its abrangncia is impressive, being considered way of an income-producing and cheap diffusion, and its creation with necessary support and infrastructure of easy resolution. To only have an idea, the number of radios in the world alone made to increase. If it does not have knowledge in the current days that the closing of a bigger number of what has existed the ones that are created. In the Internet the radio even is, is enough to have access in Brazil, the pages of the Brazilian Central office of Notice CBN, of So Paulo -, Radio Globe, Rio De Janeiro, Radio Young Pan, So Paulo, Radio Gaucho, Rio Grande Do Sul, of Columbia Broadcasting System CBS, of U.S.A., the International France Radio, the Radio and Italian Television RAI, of the Radio and Portuguese Television and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC of England, also in Brazil in the Internet,, among others, to prove that the radio is really still the greater vehicle diffusion and formador of opinion in the whole world. In the cellular devices a radio of its interest even can be had access. Bibliography 1. BARBER, Herdoto and Lima, Manual Pablo R.

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