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October 13, 2020


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– Then, you must take a last step. Here, in this physical space in which you have stopped he is " The Earth Of the Espiritual" is the Spiritual Level Piensa about which it connects to you with other living beings. In which it connects to you with something spiritual. You can include if you wish your religious or philosophical beliefs it. This can llevarte time takes the time necessary. 7.

– Qudate a moment more in the previous level. Mantn your connection with the thoughts and then, simply gives average return. It returns slowly to the departure point, detenindote seconds in each level, each of those physical spaces of the floor where you have paused to each step and feels as it is increased the connection and the alignment of each passage with the previous ones. 8. – When arriving at the last step, at the initial level qudate allows there by seconds that complete the integration and the alignment of all neurological levels. You can repeat this exercise of the PNL several times until managing to feel a greater congruence when being being congeniando the activity or the specific aspect when doing to happen it through your different levels.

A Practical Example: This practical example will allow you to include/understand better how the neurological levels work in fact. It imagines that a person is in her place of work, an office, to 8 hs. (it is his surroundings). If it does not want to be there, then it must change his way of act something could get to make Tiene several possibilities: it can simply go away without saying nothing or drawing attention; or &quot can become; enfermo" the behavior that it selects will depend on a certain chosen strategy and its capacities. He is able to go away in front of all companions without problems, thus, simply? If it can do it, is an option at the time of acting.

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