Pretty Kim Kardashian

December 25, 2013


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What Tiger Woods or anything!, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's husband, but that flies will take the place most famous womanizer, because after uncovering his first affair with Michelle McGee, alias "The bomb", day after day have emerged more lovers. Hard blow to our beloved Sandra Bullock. 'll Leave you with the most relevant of the week on questions of love and fame: After the varus and fame. It was announced that one of the loves of Lady Gaga, stylist Matthew Williams, who went in 2008, has returned to haunt and more seriously than ever before, giving him even. The point is that near the controversial artist say the stylist is only interested in his fame and money … what has is that nobody liked the boy in question left his wife and child ten months old to be with a new love …

Taylor Lautner was leaving a time-winning singer Taylor Swift, but that has been forgotten. Now comes with Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts. Witnesses say that Lautner and Roberts met during the filming of Valentine's Day since then came a spark between them, see if that spark is good fire, or perhaps a fire. Calling the Stork: Ayer said that this time it was true that Beyonce are expecting their first child, according to a magazine close strong as it is not true … As always denied the news.

Healing the wounds: Apparently Rihanna pump begins to pass it, for it is left wanting by his new partner, Matt Kemp, who provides all kinds of signs of affection in public. The couple was spotted as he played his ass, Rihanna just enjoyed the naughty caress. Open to love: Pretty Kim Kardashian, famous for advertising all types of products and services in your Twitter, this time announced that it is solterita and uncompromising, she decided to put an end to their relationship with Reggie Bush. The reason, they say, is that the American player was unable to cope with the fame of Kim.

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