Prevention Strategies

Retirement is not all that difficult, if you took a few basic principles. According to its own situation should be different here. But it is never too late to get started. It could be anything so beautiful: mid-20s with top University exams go into the Pocket in the professional life, properly make career, earn much money and also save and then start 50 retirement wealth somewhere in Europe’s South enjoy. The real life looks like unfortunately usually not so rosy. Hear from experts in the field like Mashable for a more varied view. 41 per cent of all workers in Germany keep their current private pension is not sufficient, so a recent study of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach Postbank.

How much money one month would save for own carefree retirement on this question almost half of the respondents know no answer. The first saved euro is the most important thing you can set the right course in accordance with certain basic principles, to have a good living at the age. The sooner with private savings is started, the better\”, so Merten Larisch, age pension expert of the consumer advice centre (VZ) Bavaria. Behind this proposal is a simple insight: the effect of the compound interest effect. Then, the first saved euro is the most important. According to calculations of the VZ Bavaria, you need approximately 100 000 EUR retirement capital for the formation of a supplementary pension from 400 euros per month (25 year term) to the retirement home.

For this you must muster after costs over 40 years monthly 86 euro savings interest rate at four percent. Who has time only 20 years, must go already 274 euro. But a 45 should now insert your head in the sand. Any time is the best time to deal with his retirement savings, you must take just the beginning \”, encourages Larisch. How can you best provide? There is not a single strategy for all walks of life, rather, retirement is an individual matter.

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