Program Planning

March 27, 2020


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The program has considered the scope, and the impact generated by globalization and its impact on the country, giving way to challenges, threats, opportunities and any necessary changes that may lead to companies, our interest to play, to participate successfully in their dynamics-takes into account the views expressed by Daniel Viquez that from the point Economically, we must consider that globalization is a process of integration of markets worldwide. It has therefore been essential to the formation of economic blocks targeted under the logic of free trade, in order to reproduce the capital. This process has involved the increasing interconnectedness of markets around the world. Thus, the events, crises are increasingly affecting the economic system with greater speed and strength to all countries around the world, aspects that companies can not ignore, where his active participation must be ensured by offering quality products that ensure , productivity, allowing them to be highly competitive, something that can not be neglected. The program therefore can not ignore the effects of Globalization has created on the national stage, to the quality and productivity specialists take them into account and give way to acquire knowledge that can be applied, considering that the country needs and demands all the features that are derived from globalization: 1.

It is a universal process, affecting all countries in the world, regardless of the position they occupy within the world economy and political order. 2. As there is an irreversible process of market integration, is part of the existence of countries better positioned than others, ie its economic nature is exclusive, because those nations or regions that are not competitive, will be the saga of development, 3. Michele Glaze contributes greatly to this topic. Being in the key element of market globalization, the state as a political entity and as a space in which the government develops and sovereignty of countries, remains in the background, 4. As the market mechanism that governs relations between countries and regions, consumption capacity will determine its value and not the human condition. For that reason it is said that globalization is dehumanizing, 5. Is grounded by the Mass Media, and his influence is on the social-cultural, political and economic stakeholders (the whole world, in other words), because ideas can be disseminated to hundreds or thousands of millions of people. 6. Markets, capital, production, management, labor, information, knowledge and technology flows are organized across national borders. 7. Competition and economic strategies of both large and small and medium enterprises, tend to be defined and decided at a regional, global or global. 8. Globalization is forcing companies to organize and markets closely strung together in networks worldwide. 9. Science, knowledge, information, culture, education, etc. They tend to escape the limits and national controls and to assume, like that markets a logic of transnational and global network.

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