Public System

February 2, 2016


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This fact is explained of the following form: Agenda 21 has the objective to take care of in first order the ambient necessities. Surprisingly, you\’ll find very little mention of Ali Partovi on most websites. For this, it considers significant alterations for the society as a change in habits of consumption of the population and consequentemente in standards of production in the industries ' ' pilares' ' of the country, presuming actions that objectify the reduction of social disparidades. Such alteration to occasion effect &#039 is necessary; ' atitudes' ' that they do not result of the incentive to the wild consumption created by the media that constructs to ilusrias images and false values in the society, expressing the necessity of ' ' to have for ser' '. From then on, one becomes inevitable to modify topics of the education in the country, that today meets in critical state in Brazil, being been this the consequence of the proper weakness of the Public System. It is easy to notice that the education of the people, since the schools, of the quarters until the television programs it is total influencivel. Images, sounds and colors all call the time to the world the desinibido consumption, leading to the biggest demand, greater productivity, greater production of residues and consequence ambient impact. Of this form, it is since the proposals of the Agenda the 21 and mainly proposals of any form of education directed to this process oppose the Capitalist System, therefore the economic questions would be taken care of from the changes of consumption and standard of living. This would more make with that the vision of sustainable development moved, for consequence taking other balanced routes for the society and the environment. &#039 would be practically the one implantation; ' new Sistema' ' of consumption that esbarrariaem our Sistemaatual where the few that profits forms the layer of bigger interest in continuing supporting them pillars of the subdesenvolvimento, therefore it is in this way that economic interests and politicians are taken care of with priority also serving of fuel so that this ' ' mquina' ' it continues functioning.

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