November 4, 2016


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For the sake of promoting their games, companies designed pages that live very shortly, but Heroes of the Ring has a blog which has been fed since long before the start of the game and, more than one month of his arrival, still being updated with new information.Obviously, the blog of Heroes of the Ring is about the game, but is not selling it shamelessly, as published articles where information is relevant both for who already has the game and want to get the most out of possible who do not even buy it and are looking for reasons to do so. Trying to offer information relevant to fans of wrestling, the blog of Heroes of the Ring also has posts from lucha libre, as those who speak of Mini stars and the Reynas quadrangle.The blog of Heroes of the Ring not only speaking of wrestling and the game itself, also deals with other topics of the industry as a comparison between the current generation consoles.The blog of Heroes of the Ring is an electronic target required for any type of reader: from those who are interested in wrestling, even those who only speak of video games in general.. .

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