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January 27, 2018


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We recommend that you install the version 8 or 9 Internet Explorer, or use Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome, because the latest versions of these browsers already have incorporated these visual aids to be able to discern between what is true and false. Pharming, is another technique used by computer thieves by which modify a file called HOST which is located in: c:WindowsSystem32driversetc and what they are doing is forcing the user into another page imposed by the attacker. For example, type and if your computer has modified the hosts file with a few lines like this: paypal.com will then cause that us charge another different web site hosted on the server\’s ip address: and really not us load the original Paypal site. It is easy to realize that our computer has altered this file, if you type we must redirect and appear green indicator, if this happens then we are in a fake web site of the attacker. The other way of identifying is go to c:WindowsSystem32driversetc and open the file named host with Notepad and look at its contents.

Of preference the host file should look like in the picture, otherwise it is better that you delete everything and just let them line that is enclosed on the ellipse. If for some reason you can not save changes with Notepad, we will leave you at the end of the article a RAR which will take the host file that you have so that you do not alter your system. But remember that if your host file is altered, you\’d have to worry because you probably have the file that is infecting (modifying) your machine and can subsequently return to modify it. Then the recommendation is to use latest browsers that will help us give us with his visual effects account for that site is reliable or not. The default Host file link: BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition source: original author and source of the article

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