Richard Norgaard Systems

January 21, 2014


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To sum up, also in the economy the paradigms must be changed. Once again, the reappearance of the dominion of the political one on the economy, because this last one must be put under objectives of social evaluation, democratic, ample and consistent. Of circular flow of money, of circuit closed between production and consumption, of self-sustained mechanical system, to a new glance on the dynamic interrelations between the economic systems and the set of the systems physical and social. To sum up, to articulate the economy on fundamental biophysic slight knowledge like the laws of the thermodynamics: the respect by the ecosystems happen to prevent to generate more residues than they tolerate, not to extract of the biological systems more of the renewable thing, to rescue the biophysic indicators of the dominion of the dominion of the monetary indicators. All this and more, but the package is the socioeconomic system that dominates all the environmental problems. Richard Norgaard (One sociology of the coevolucionista environment defined) it accurately: to interpret the economic activity and the ecological management like a coevolucionario process. A dominion retaken of the political one on the economy would impose to the decisions an ecological limit, the take into account of the effects nonentered in the market, that is to say, breaking the dissosciation between the formation of the prices and the biosphere and the community. The word solidarity is not in economy texts.

This is that we have defined repeated times as economy with human face also can be it like " economy of solidaridad". The economy, yes, but the environmental crisis must be faced like part of the general crisis that is the nucleus of this intervening period where the paradigms fall, episteme dissolves or the symbolic universe is surrounded by a nebula. We have been, and we continued being in this field, a technological paradigm now defied by an ecological paradigm.

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