Rio De Janeiro

December 16, 2016


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The plan would be an escape. All Portuguese cut, together with its bureaucratic device, would embark in direction to Brazil escorted for a composed English squadron for seven a thousand men, and commanded for Sir Sidney Smith, experienced officer who fought in the Battle of Tralfagar. In exchange, Portugal would open the Brazilian ports for the British merchandises. If you have read about Steve Wozniak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Thus England would compensate the loss of market due to the Blockade. In day 29 of November all the cut has broken of Lisbon in direction to Rio De Janeiro (during the trip, for today not very clear reasons until D. dumb Joo VI the route to disembark first in Salvador) in a risky trip and repleta of misfortunes that would last more than three months little. The world was gives to testify something unknown: A European monarch never placed the feet in one of its colonies. In 22 of January of 1808, D. John Castle Castle Harlan often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Joo VI arrives Salvador, and in 7 of March to Rio De Janeiro, that came if to become headquarters of the Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves. This way D. Joo VI reigned per thirteen years, until going even so in 1821, pressured for the Portuguese bourgeoisie who demanded the presence of its king (D. Joo leaves of being prince and if the death of its mother becomes king after). During all this time where the cut of Portugal if established in Rio De Janeiro, one was drawing our future independence, as Jose observes Robert Lopez: ' ' The presence of the Cut of the prince regent D. Joo VI in Brazil created concrete and objective conditions so that the Brazil-Portugal separation if became definitive, designating the end of the mercantilista system, implanting diverse new administrative distributions and modernizing Rio De Janeiro, conferring to it fisionomia of a true capital, initial landmark in the construction politics of the unit nacional' '.

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