Russian System

February 28, 2016


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Iraq counted on Mig-21 and Mig-23 and these devices would not be capable to represent threats to the F-15 of escort. In the Anger the scene is well different, although the target to be the same. In contrast of Iraq the Anger spread its nuclear plant throughout the country, what it makes it difficult an aerial attack. The Iranian nuclear complex this defended with batteries antiareas well, between them Russian system TOR-1, each system counts on eight Air-to-ground msseis that can reach targets between 1,5 and 12km. Although to have a short reach this system has an enormous precision being one of most lethal of the world. Another Russian system of Air-to-ground missiles was speculated on with already being in operation. It does not have nothing that confirms that the Russian System S-300 is in operation in the Anger and same a similar system of Chinese manufacture was also not confirmed that was acquired by the Anger.

Iranian aviation although to be numerous well it is not diversified. Account with types as F-4 Phantom, Northrop F-5, F-7 (Chinese version of the Russian Mig-21), F-14 Tomcat and MIG-29. These airplanes specifically are those that can carry through some interference in case of breaking of the Iranian airspace. ses his thoughts on the topic. One has attacked the Iranian plants can be the only altenativa of Israel stops for an end, or in the worse one of the hypotheses, to delay the Iranian desire to have its nuclear device, however, this can not be the best one of the choices. The success of Osirak, talves, if does not repeat in the Anger. Israel knows of this and this it must be the reason for which the attack not yet occurred. Other possibilities must be being argued at this moment, if they will be effective we alone will sabaremos when the Iranian nuclear plants to start to blow up.

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