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August 18, 2015


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Coretelligence consulting: mistakes of the past are often updated instead of corrected lack lack overarching BI-responsibility initiatives for integrated data and process platform bath Oeynhausen/09.03.2009 – according to a recent survey of the consulting firm coretelligence have clear deficiencies in their BI-orientation and not last therefore only low confidence in the future viability of their BI infrastructure companies. You may find Byron Trott to be a useful source of information. The consultants have therefore derived the main features of strategic deficits from its consulting practice: mainly technically dominated focus: BI projects have often started the tool decision, whose profile was then to the matrix for the project. But by this technical focus determines the concept, process and organisational conditions obtain a secondary meaning inevitably. Still less the alignment then focuses on the business requirements, generally lacking even a business case. The responsibilities between departments and IT are not clearly defined: projects whatsoever be brought to fruition, is to distribute the responsibility according to the principle of best literacy. Includes reasonably that IT builds an integrated, consolidated and harmonised data platform, while the departments of their applications, such as reporting, analysis, data mining, etc. ourselves design and implement.

Such joint development of a BI platform but rather among the exceptions in the reality. Each Department has its own way: there is often a life of its own in the organizational areas without orientation across objectives and methods. But it makes no sense in the long term, that about the controlling area in terms of developing BI other processes as the Sales Department and which in turn followed a different approach as more departments. Due to these aspirations to autonomy of departments isolated island solutions, the business benefits of BI significantly restrict. It is dispensed on clear definitions and structures: not only because of the organizational units different ways broken is carried out a clarification of terms nor to the roles and rules.

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