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January 12, 2015


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November is the month chosen by Sogecable for change: the Digital satellite television platform + will change its codification of the current 2 Nagra Nagra 3, which means that gardeners will soon be left without flowers and will have to search for another type of fertilizer. Quiet, not I\’ve had pot nor has given me by the floriculture: is the language used to level underground between those who use Digital + illegally, looking for the Keys (flowers) in the forums being the gardener who finds flowers (Keys) using systems or specific software (subscription). As I have understood, from tomorrow Monday 5, they will be slowly migrating the channels to the new version of Nagra and so on until the 15th of this month, when it is expected to have completed the migration, all this with the intention of ending the piracy that currently suffers the digital platform and the footsteps of the Portuguese Cabo TV (digital platform of our neighbouring country) and that such good results given in the last 2 years already that still (say) that crack could not however, seeking data for this post, I find myself with TV Cabo platform could already have been cracked or at least, they are close to do this, what could imply that this maneuver for change of coding isn\’t too effective not to Sogecable, which would continue losing subscribers because of the piracy or for Kudelski (also owner of MediGuard)who would be seriously harmed its image (never better said). Why dear friends gardeners take ye him calmly: I see on several websites, forums and on P2P networks files and downloads claiming to be specific firmwares for Nagra 3, as well as alleged cracking programs and I have only found viruses, Trojans, and to know what the hell are these alleged firmwares: most likely let KO your receiver. Personally not be topics of cryptography, but I think that until the domestic satellite communication is not bidirectional, little will have to do: this bidirectionality is which could offer more efficient methods to enable the use of SSL or even radius authentication or similar, but unfortunately the cost of satellite broadcasting equipment are expensive and I don\’t think that many subscribers were willing to pay its price by simply watching TV and how much, to access the Internet. Original link: original author and source of the article

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