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July 8, 2012


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In the last few decades, in the majority of the areas of professional performance, it is visible the process of modernization and insertion of tools of technology of the information in the processes and routines of work of diverse professionals. For example, a worker of the automobile industry that worked in this sector has thirty years, probably without the adjusted training, would not possibly obtain to work in this area. Currently, had to the constant process of modernization and automation of the work routines. This picture happens again in almost all the professional sectors that if can imagine, as the medicine, the banking institutions, the area of the telephony, among others. The dumb reality when we say on the process of pertaining to school learning of young and children in the public net of education of our country. A professor who lecionava has thirty years could continue to lecionar without problem some nowadays. The routines and methods of education used by the educators had not folloied the evolutions technological.

Young and children, currently, are in constant contact with new technologies, cellular, electronic games, computers with access the dynamic sites and constant interaction in social nets. Many of these students pass great part of its days in contact with such tools, receiving information in great amount, in agile and dynamic way. For the pupils of the public net of education the routine of the classroom is different of lived in the front of fast the informative the sites, that are substituted by chalk, black picture, books, notebooks and penxses. Although to be possible to affirm that the information acquired for the young in access the diverse sites are ' ' raso' ' , different of the proportionate knowledge for the professors in the classrooms, it is evident that the tools used for the educators are not enough to arrest the attention of its attractive pupils already adapted layouts and with the rapidity in the exchange of information. Some technologies could serve of assist the educators, as tablets, interactive pictures touchscreen and micron computers. These tools can be more attractive to the pupil, making that it participates of the lessons and discovers new utilities of the technologies of the information. According to educator Martina Roth (2011) is basic to guide the pupil in this process, being taught it to use it the information gotten with the information technologies, to take off conclusions and to define what he is with priority.

However, she is not enough that the schools are supplied with modern equipment if the professor well will not be prepared to use itself of these item in the best way, the investment would not justify itself. Martina Roth (2011) still affirms that it is necessary that the professors search the good use of the computers offering new pedagogical and metodolgicas perspectives, preventing that she has wastefulness of mounts of money. Young and children through one adjusted use of tools of the technology of the information can enxergar the process of learning of a new prism, more attractive, also being able to prepare more adequately these young ones for the new challenges of the work market. References: ROTH, MARTINA. Master speaks: interview November of 2011 So Paulo: New magazine School. Granted interview the Rita Trevisan.

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