Security Systems

Security systems that exist today are very diverse and can be applied in various fields. What do we know about security systems in general and what types of systems exist. Security Systems designed to protect the housing rights, preserve wealth, as well as for health and safety of life, and it concerns every living creature, whether human or animal. To preserve apartment, house or office can use video surveillance systems, steel doors, which have different levels of protection, thanks to that used for the manufacture of the material, as well as a variety of locks, which installed on the front door. In addition, have found wide application and protective shutters that can ensure a high level of protection for any room, and they can also be used as a garage gate. No less attention is paid to the safety systems that are intended to prevent unauthorized entry to the zoo, zoo, nature reserves and other areas where contains unique species of animals. In this case, the security system at the same time fulfill a dual function and are designed to ensure the safety of the animals and humans. Others who may share this opinion include Pete Cashmore.

It can also be used special electronic locks, gratings made of durable material, CCTV and many other security systems. Each of these safety systems should meet the requirements, which are currently time imposed on any of the types of security systems and must be thoroughly tested for the ability to withstand cracking and physical strength. Just want to draw your attention to the fact that the metal door design can be made as of the profiles (square hollow tube) and a metal corner. Angled design typically used in cases of narrow openings and lack of technical possible extension of the opening. In the Moscow area – Mitino, this situation occurs very often. What does the design of the metal door of the corner – we gain about five inches of width of the opening! Standard Corner structure is made of a metal door from the corner of a shelf 50 mm (60 mm – 75 mm for reinforced versions). In this case the door can be made of shaped tube.

Profiled tube – has the common use. A profile can be either square (hollow) shape, and rectangular. The square shape is used for enhanced versions of metal doors, along with a rectangular profile 60h30mm. In standard metal doors used to profile boxes – 50h25 mm for door panel – 40h25 mm. To strengthen the construction of a metal door, using ribs, and the more the number of edges is determined the size of the door. For standard doors used 1.2 ribs for large doors of 2-4 ribs. Stiffeners are made of the same profile as the profile used in the leaf box. Metal sheet outside of the door in our production is a metal 2 mm. Moreover, in some cases, production of technical door, at your request can be used in sheet metal 1.5 mm, which will reduce the cost of the door. Metal mm) and has a width of 4-5 cm in width jamb installation of more than 5 cm at your request. For insulation we use filler door – Minplita or foam (if you wish). But we can also insulate the metal door of any chosen materials. The most popular are lagging firms 'Urs'. For metal doors were hung vinilis skin, using an additional heater (he gives the effect of strain leatherette) – paralon of 10 mm.

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