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August 25, 2012


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The OSI model is quite similar to TCP / IP model only adds more details in two extra layers while TCP / IP is grouped only five layers. Layers of OSI Model Layer 1: This layer includes all the standard electrical network and all concerning the electronic circuits and a physical network environment such as the types of cables, network cards, etc. Layer 2: The two-layer handles the physical address, ie at this level are considered physical addresses that are assigned to network devices at the time of its creation. Error correction is another of the main functions of layer 2. It is said that The switches and bridges are Layer 2 devices. Layer 3: The three-layer or network layer handles the routing logic that unlike the physical address that is not chosen hardware manufacturers but is assigned by the ISP (Internet Service-provider – News ResultsFiscal fitness beats conquering fatness for New Year\’s resolutions New York Daily News – 9 hours agoSaad Healthcare hiring, building new outpatient clinic in Mobile Mobile Press-Register – 7 hours agoTremor Media Acquired ScanScout for $65 Million NYConvergence – 9 hours agoPromotional ResultsMake Yahoo! Your Homepage\’>Service Provider) to the end user.

The IP protocol operates at this level as well as network devices like routers or routers. Layer 4: The four-layer or transport layer TCP protocol and operates at this level is where it ensures that data sent from a sending device are received correctly at the receiving device. Layer 5: Session layer 5 or has primary responsibility to establish, maintain and terminate sessions between several machines that communicate with each other, it is this layer that determines who speaks and who listens when there is competition for using a port. Layer 6: The 6 layer or presentation layer is responsible for making the data sent from a computer can be presented in a manner readable by the receiving computer.

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