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May 12, 2014


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Class the 5 most popular smartphone videos the number of smartphones sold exceeds now the number of classic mobile phones received over the counter. Smartphone-TOP5 observed the developments in smartphones for over a year and determines the 5 most popular as well as the 5 lowest smartphones available on the German market. Also these 10 and a variety can be sorted more smartphones comparison by user rating, price, operating system, manufacturer and number of deals in the Smartphone. Worldwide, Smartphone-TOP5 reports on current developments in his Google + account. Around 50,000 users follow this.

The account recorded over 65,000 hits of the Plus1 button until September. The channel can be found under the name verified by Google Smartphone on the social network. Recently screent our editorial also product videos, first Hands-On-, and unpackaging videos, as well as a wide range of technological innovations and Kickstarter projects in the telecommunications sector. We provide in one of the five most popular videos fresh started weekly series for our global audience. In KW 37 these were: Apple iPhone 5s the new touch ID fingerprint identity sensor Phonebloks – the Smartphone with variable hardware blocks Samsung Galaxy touch 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra: quick look OppoN1 – trailer of short film \”Dreams\” by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy among the Google plus side of Smartphone Top5 note 3 and the Smartwatch Galaxy gear nationwide at the time the fastest growing profiles. International companies such as ASUS, BlackBerry and Sony are already to the followers of Smartphone Top5. Contact person: Andrea Kunze Tel: 0345/68920578 Web: E-Mail: brief description: provides information on his website and his google + profile about the current smartphone models, gives you tips and notes on the Smartphone selection and use. is a service of auxilis GmbH, an Internet service provider specialising in online comparisons.

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