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March 25, 2014


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It is amazing the boom that social networks are taking at the moment, by such reason find them in all sides I dare to assure that now almost all pages have their social links and not to mention television, seems to be than what was predicted as a fad, definitely here to stay. And it is not for less! as a personal experience I can say that much of the traffic to my blog is by this means, which is Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, that are of which I support to publicize my proposal of business and thus leverage so that my future clients know me. Now go wing question lately is cause of controversy is making money with social networks? the answer is no, because the question is poorly formulated, let\’s see now you can make money through social networks? do and the answer is a Yes resounding, but remember money is achieved through social networks, now the difference between a Word and the other?Taking as example the first question I explain, don\’t think you will have make money be changing your Facebook status on trivial things, or spend hours in the games provided by this social network, or you will gain money by Tweet you are going to drink coffee, or that day is very cold and things like that, so do not make money let us be realistic.However, if they are an excellent means by which you can let you know as the future person with which piensan acquiring a product, form alliances and establish bonds of trust.I must emphasize that is not that you just spend to send your link of affiliate, more well socialize sharing content of interest to you to consider that it will has been serving your friends and followers, and clear is also share parts of your life that only your consider that they should know, and finally talk about your businessYou can not go to facebook or twitter to only talk about your products and abusing this, remember they are social networks and by logic it\’s socializing and subsequently mentioned above, say is a 60% make friends and share with them and 40% to talk about your business and your services, knowing the rules of the game is important, for the day of tomorrow not are you accused of Spam and to cancel your account. and having said all that I conclude that if they can do business via social networks and consequently earn money.Don\’t miss this poderosisima tool. Thank you for your time to this reading. I wish you all the best in the universe your friend: April Rivera.

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