Steel Doors – Quality-price Ratio .

April 5, 2014


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The modern market offers a wide range of doors of different destinations, different configurations and price ranges. These days, became particularly popular in steel doors to the apartment and the street entrance door. And, of course, is not just. As you know, the door is not simply closes the entrance to the house, apartment or office, it protects it from wind, cold and penetration attackers. Durable solid door – a guarantee of your comfort and safety. Therefore, many people prefer steel doors. Such material as steel is ideally suited for the manufacture of doors – he is reliable, durable, resistant to external influences, and thanks to modern technology and more durable.

Standard steel door consists of a metal frame with internal stiffeners and steel plates welded to it from both sides. Typically, the thickness of the blade is 1,5 – 3 mm. Between sheets of paving filler, which performs the heat and sound insulation features. It can be various materials – foam, pine logs, etc. In recent years, as a filler is often used mineral wool – it has good heat and noise insulation properties and high resistance to fire. Also an important piece of steel door is a porch – a serving of leaf that closes the gap between the door frame and the most door. Increases the insulating properties of porch doors, protecting you and your home from noise, dust and odors. Any high-quality iron doors in the vestibule or metal doors to testify should have a reliable locking system.

Best of all, to the castle, there were two – at least in the case of failure of one, the door can be locked to the second. It is advisable to install locks of different configurations – it's much harder hacking attempts. Protivosemnye pins – even One important element that they hold the door in a frame, if the attackers, for example, shot down a loop with a sledgehammer. Steel doors are universal – today there are many varieties. Depending on the functions of the door, you can select the appropriate configuration. There are technical input and steel doors. Technical, in turn, are divided into many subspecies: fire, access, noise, moisture, lift, reinforced, sealed the doors of radiation protection, technical doors to balconies, automatic doors and other technical finish chosen depending on the type of doors and the amounts available to the customer. Modern Manufacturers use a variety of finishing materials – from expensive solid wood to and powder coating. For technical doors do not need to use expensive finishes. Usually this nitroemal or powder coating. These finishes are ideal for those kinds of doors that are in contact with the external environment and are subject to common use. These types of coatings make the door-resistant adverse weather conditions, temperature changes, mechanical damage and rapid wear. If you need to choose a finish for the front door, this area is the choice of finishing materials and extensive – an array of from expensive wood, panels, mdf, veneer, laminate, etc. Everyone knows that the door is an irreplaceable piece of interior. It shows your taste, style and status. Therefore, the steel doors today particularly popular – they are a great combination of price and quality, since they have a lot of advantages before the doors of other materials – availability, reliability, longevity, durability and attractive appearance.

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